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Vol. 8 (2021)

Electrical Transport and Current Conduction Mechanisms in ZnO/Si Heterojunction Diode

February 1, 2022


Abstract: The objective of this research is the relevant equations of electrical transport inside a junction device based on metallic oxides like zinc oxides retained on silicon substrate by spray pyrolysis process. Many characteristics, such as the heterojunction diode's non-ideal conduct, electronic conduction of electrons and gaps in the conduction and valence bands, charge carriers caught by trap centers, hopping conduction, and tunnel effect, are used in various conduction processes at electronic junctions. Poole-Frenkel (PF) emission, Schottky emissions, and trap aided tunneling are some of the other conduction mechanisms examined inside forward/reverse bias for ZnO/Si heterojunctions (TAT). This article also confirms, addresses, and elucidates the effect of temperature on the I-V properties of ZnO/Si.


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