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Vol. 9 (2022)

Modelling and Analysis of A 6-DOF Robotic Arm for Oil and Gas Pipeline Welding Operations

July 6, 2022


Abstract: Recent advances in robotics and automation technology have spurred the widespread use of robotic arms for industrial operations. Consequently, practising engineers, key players and particularly engineering students must be encouraged to stay abreast with these recent trends by developing hands-on and simulation experience. Therefore, this paper concisely presents the modelling, kinematic analysis as well as simulation results of an educational 6-DoF (Degrees of Freedom) robotic arm designed for welding oil and gas pipelines and other generalised tasks in a MATLAB/Simulink-Simscape environment. The joint movements of the robotic arm were simulated with a sinusoidal reference signal consisting of unit magnitude and frequency of 1 rad/s using the MATLAB Robotics Toolbox. Consequently, the results indicated satisfactory performance as the design allows the robot joints to effectively move the end-effector welding tool-piece in an elliptical path as would be required in the case of welding a cylindrical pipeline for oil and gas operations.


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