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Vol. 9 (2022)

Storage Locker Featuring Voice Activation for Visually Impaired

October 2, 2022


Abstract: People who are visually impaired find it is challenging to temporarily store their precious or personal belongings to keep them safe. To improve their quality of life, visually impaired individuals need a storage locker equipped with assistive technology where they may store their valuables or personal items while they are at home or on the go. The voice-activated storage locker for the visually impaired individuals that is proposed in this study involve a voice recognition module, voice playback, a micro servo motor, and a braille keypad. With these integrated features, it will be easier for visually impaired individuals to operate the storage locker, which will boost its efficacy. A rotating mechanism would be activated by an electronic system built within the lock employing a servo motor. To make them easier for those with visual impairments to operate, standard storage locker types have been upgraded to include digital voice control. The results of a test conducted on 20 people with visual impairments showed that accurate passwords spoken by the user could lock and open the storage locker with an accuracy of up to 95%.


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