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Vol. 9 No. 1 (2022)

Synthesis of Microporous Cobalt Silicate using Organic Template Derived from 2,6-Dimethylpiperidinium Cations: A Potential Precursor for the Preparation of Double Perovskite Cobalt Materials

December 29, 2022


Abstract: Synthesis of a microporous cobalt silicate was achieved by using 6,10-dimethyl-5-azoniaspiro[4, 5] decane bromide as structure directing agent. And physicochemical characterization was carried out using XRD, SEM, HTEM, TGA, FT-IR, BET-N2, ICP-OES and EDS. ETS-10 like structure framework was present as a competitive phase. Calcination of the cobalt silicate at 500 oC leads to a new structure. The possibility of this material be cobalt oxide was excluded since Bragg reflections at 2θ = 19.2º; 30.3º; 36.9º; 43.7º; 59.2º were absent (JCPDS#80-1538). Both the indexation of the XRD data for the calcined material which has resulted in a tetragonal unit cell (a = b = 10.39 Å and c = 12.21 Å, α = β = γ = 90°, V= 1317.4 Å3) and HTEM data indicated the cobalt silicate can be used as a precursor for the preparation of double perovskite cobalt materials.


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