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Vol. 5 (2018)

Composite Materials and Structural Glass: Adhesion Phenomena

September 11, 2018


This study aims to investigate the adhesion phenomena between glass and composite materials, which - if they work in synergy – can increase the performance of glass structures, as regard both structural elements and the manufacture of joints. The experimental programme consisted of shear traction tests on all samples: glass-glass singlelap shear adhesion, glass-GFRP double-lap shear adhesion and glass-SRP shear adhesion. Different types of adhesive and various interface geometries were also tested to evaluate the ultimate force and identify fracture patterns with different bonding lengths. It was possible to identify the effective bonding length for each type of resin used to prepare test samples, by taking fracture load and average peel stress into account. Bonding length variations were also recorded. This enabled the values of bonding length to be verified analytically. Based on experimental results, a formula for the evaluation of delamination resistance and the optimal bonding length is proposed.


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