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Vol. 9 (2022)

Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Vibration Resistance of Composite Plates with Damping Coating

December 13, 2022


Abstract: This study performs both theoretical and experimental studies on the vibration resistance of composite plates with damping coating subjected to impulse excitation load. A dynamic model is first proposed and the key differential equations are derived to solve the natural frequencies, time-domain vibration response, and dynamic stiffness at any vibration response point regarding the excitation point of such a coated structure. Then, a dynamic experiment system of two plate specimens with and without DC knocked by a hammer excitation is set up. The measured data indicates that the proposed dynamic model is trustworthy for predicting natural frequencies and dynamic stiffness results. Furthermore, based on the calculated dynamic stiffness data associated with the first four modes, the anti-vibration contribution of DC is quantitatively evaluated. It can be found that the coating can indeed improve the vibration resistance of the structure by up to 74.7%. In addition, the vibration suppression effect of DC is found to be closely related to the mode order of such a structure as well as the selected boundary condition.


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