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Journal of Solar Energy Research Updates

Selected Articles

Research Progress of Fixed Bed Dehumidification System: A Mini Review

Xin Xiao, Zhengliang Han


Small Solar Installations

Yuldash Sobirov, Rasuljon Akbarov, Sirozhiddin Makhmudov, Otabek Ismandiyorov


Development and Testing of Prototype-Scale Off-Grid Solar Power Generation for Electric Charging Station

Agus Ulinuha, Hasyim Asy’ary, Umar Hasan, Andre Setyawan


Magneto-Structural Transition and Refrigeration Property in All-D-Metal Heusler Alloys: A Critical Review

Qinyu Zhang, Mingfang Qian, Xuexi Zhang


A Review of Solar Energy Use in Biogas Digester Heating

Xuan Wu, Jingkang Liang, Haoyi Yao, Yunfeng Wang


Development of Solar Energy Systems Based on High Performance Bulk and Film Thermoelectric Modules

  1. Mamykin, I. Mamontova, B. Dzundza, Feng Gao, R. Shneck, Z. Dashevsky


Comprehensive Economic Benefits Evaluation Model of Greenhouse Photovoltaic

Zhonghui Wei, Xueqian Fu, Feifei Yang, Shaoqian Fan


Research on the Influence of Load Difference for Photovoltaic Micro-grid System Performance

Luyao Ji, Zhenhua Liu, Yakun Liu, Huaiyu Jin, Wenli Wang, Wenying Yu, Yongsheng Liu


Smart Grid Method for the Lubumbashi Distribution Network Based on Provision of Renewable Energy Resources

K.B. Masompe, T. Madiba, T.S. Bungu, F.T. Kadinda


Decarbonization of Summer Cooling Energy Demands of Buildings Employing Absorption Systems in the Framework of Climate Change in Italy

Ferdinando Salata, Serena Falasca, Virgilio Ciancio, Stefano Grignaffini


History of Solar Car Technology and its Future Especially in Power Electronics

Hideki Jonokuchi


Black Cool Pigments for Urban Heat Island (UHI) Control: from Cr-Hematite to Mn-Melilite

  1. Monrós, S. Cerro, J.A. Badenes, M. Llusar


The Effect of Fuel Emulsion on Fuel Saving in Cement Kilns

  1. Soulayman, R. El-Khatib


Fabrication and Characterization of DSSC/Si Tandem Solar Cell with PEDOT:PSS/ITO Buffer Layer

Masaya Ando, Shinya Kato, Naoki Kishi, Tetsuo Soga


Review about Main Requirements for Porphyrin Derivatives as Components of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

Diana Anghel, Anca Lascu, Ion Fratilescu, Camelia Epuran, Nicoleta Plesu, Eugenia Făgădar-Cosma


Performance Estimation of Solar Flat Plate Air Heating System Using Helical Tapes

Jeson Wilson John , Ashwin Harikrishnan


Fabrication and Evaluation of Two-Junction Carbon Thin Film Photovoltaic Devices

Hisato Kato, Yuki Yamamoto, Shinya Kato, Naoki Kishi, Tetsuo Soga


Commercial Scale Solar Power Generation (5MW to 50 MW) and its Connection to Distribution Power Network in the United Kingdom

Jayanta Deb Mondol, Gibu Jacob


Thermal Modeling and Performance Analysis of U-Tube Evacuated Solar Collector using CO2

Onder Kizilkan, Hiroshi Yamaguchi